December 5th, 2012

A gift of coins that truly keeps on giving

By MintState

As my wife and I were digging through our basement the other night – an annual ritual as we change out fall decorations for the Christmas season – she came across a long-lost box of old birthday cards we’ve been stashing in storage.  During a break from the chaos, I took a few minutes to pore over the old mementos, only to come across a fond reminder of a tradition my grandfather used to practice.

Upon opening one of the cards, a Buffalo nickel came tumbling out. Though the date was impossible to read and the coin had seen better days, the piece reminded me of the man who introduced me to coin collecting way back when. It was during my youth that my grandfather made a habit of taping an old coin to the inside flap of every birthday card, a token of the times we used to share tearing through rolls of coins at his kitchen table. Whether it was a single wheat penny, a Roosevelt dime or even a Susan B. Anthony dollar, he always made my imagination race with what kind of treasure he’d hide in in his cards every year. Though that personal tradition passed when he did years ago, Coins of America gives a new generation of grandparents a great way to introduce coin collecting to their young brood while making memories for them on a regular basis.

Through the Presidential $1 Coin Club and the National Parks Quarter Club, you can give grandchildren a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. The vast collections – the Presidential set will eventually include 44 coins, while the National Parks series will top out at 56 – will deliver each of the pieces previously minted within each series with the first shipment to the lucky child. After that, the recipient will receive each new two-coin collection – including pieces from both the Philadelphia and Denver mints – each time a new coin becomes available in the respective series. With the Presidential Dollars scheduled to run through at least 2016 and the National Parks likely to run until around 2021, a grandchild enrolled in either collection this Christmas will be sure to keep unwrapping these presents for years to come.

What better way to introduce them to coin collecting and fill them with fond memories of the grandparent who did so every time they get that gift in the mail!

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