January 17th, 2014

Welcome to the Numismatic View!

By CoinsofAmerica

Welcome to the Numismatic View. It’s a whole new perspective about forming a coin collecting and investigating the habits of collectors. If all goes well, you’ll learn something new (and possibly life-changing) by following this blog on an ongoing basis. Take this information to heart, but always maintain a healthy sense of humor and perspective.

Coin collecting is fun. Very good, then. I think we’ll wrap it up right here.

Okay okay, there’s more to it than that, but everything else is just elaboration. Collect coins because they interest you. Accumulate silver dollars because you love history. Amass mountains of proof sets because the coins look shiny and cool! The only reason you discovered Coins of America is because you love coins, so our job is to gently steer you down the best path as your journey advances. Just remember that your enjoyment of the hobby is the best reason to collect.

Have you ever considered what attracts you to coins? Most people report that the thrill of the hunt motivates them. Whether it’s finding a Wheat Cent in pocket change or unearthing a rare silver dollar in the attic, the drive to discover something elusive motivates our continued interest.

Here’s a great example illustrating this drive: someone recently contacted me after inheriting an uncle’s coin collection. The recipient knew absolutely nothing about coins, and he never considered collecting until the coins came his way. As he tells the story, he unsealed the box, peered in, and stared transfixed by jars of classic silver dollars from the 1870’s and 1880’s. Hundreds of coins ranging from blazing uncirculated to well-circulated met his eyes. After a dizzying jaunt to his local book store, he spread the coins on a table and began sorting them according to date, mintmark, and condition. To his utter shock, the collection contained multiple scarce dates from the Carson City mint and dozens of high grade uncirculated coins. The collector eventually contacted me about acquiring coin albums, filling holes in the collection, and upgrading damaged specimens.

The elements of surprise and discovery hooked this collector. He now proclaims that collecting coins preoccupies far too many waking hours—especially since he introduced his children to numismatics! Of course, his wife claims that disappearing into the family room to look at coins represents a flimsy excuse to escape dishwashing duty. No comment. Either way, this group of long-forgotten coins morphed into their proper context as fascinating, beautiful, and historical collectibles that now inspire a new generation to collect.
Discover that excitement in your collection. Look at your coins. Chart a long-term collecting goal. Learn about coins by reading books. The more you educate yourself about numismatics, the better your collection will become. Receiving packages in the mail from Coins of America is only the start. The best part is what’s inside!

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