January 18th, 2013

First spouses second-to-none in bronze medal series

By MintState

They may be oft overlooked figures in American political history. But the first ladies of our nation have been getting the recognition they deserve in recent years as part of the U.S. Mint’s First Spouse Bronze Medals series. Thanks to Coins of America, fans of our wives-in-chief can ensure snagging the 2013 edition of the series before it becomes available to the public, with all five medals  – which come displayed in an attractive bi-fold display that contains fun and interesting facts about the First Spouse’s life – shipped straight to your door through the 2013 First Lady Commemorative Annual Pack.

The series, which commenced in 2007 in coordination with the Presidential $1 collection, will feature the likenesses of Ida McKinley, Edith Roosevelt, Helen Taft, Ellen Wilson and Edith Wilson in 2013. Just like the Presidential $1 program, the First Spouse series started by honoring the first woman to occupy the office (Martha Washington), followed by the visages of famous women such as Dolley Madison and Mary Lincoln. Though he never had a First Lady, a medal recognizing Thomas Jefferson’s term as the third president featured Lady Liberty on the obverse. Lady Liberty has also made appearances on First Spouse pieces focused on the terms of Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and James Buchanan, as they also sat in the office sans spouse. As of now, the series is scheduled to run through 2016 with a medal honoring Patricia Ryan “Pat” Nixon.

Measuring in at 1-5/16ths of an inch, the bronze planchets come adorned with the same design as the First Spouse one-half ounce gold coins that were released concurrently with the series. In addition to featuring your standard embellishments – such as the year of mintage and the term’s In God We Trust and Liberty – the First Spouse medals also include portraits of each subject, along with the order of their term and the years during which they served as the First Spouse. Though still relatively new, the series has already created some buzz among collectors, as a “mule error” related to the Abigail Adams coins – which was produced with the reverse of the Louisa Adams medal – had at one point been fetching nearly $1,000 on the open market.

Though the pieces won’t become available to the public until later in 2013, make sure you secure your copies of the most recent First Spouse Bronze Medal mintages today through Coins of America!

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