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Help Others:

In 2002, MPI donated more than $200,000 to Hometown Heroes and other relief funds as a result of the sale of our 9/11 commemorative products.

In 2011, MPI will again donate a portion of proceeds from all September 11th productsOur charity of choice is Hometown Heroes.

Hometown Heroes has been featured on Dateline, NBC.  For more information visit: www.HometownHeroes.org


Help make an impact by sharing this opportunity with your friends and family.



"Not since Pearl Harbor have we experienced such unity and engagement as on September 11, 2001."

Retired U.S. Army 4-Star General, 
William F. Kernan,
United States Joint Forces Command
September 11, 2001


My Story - September 11 Product

Publish Your Story of September 11







9/11 Commemorative Coin


1. Think About YOUR Story:

Where were you when you heard about the attacks?  What emotions did you feel?  Answers to these questions are YOUR story.


2. Preserve & Publish YOUR Story:

Through Coins of America's online Story Builder, you can create a striking 5"x7" tri-fold that displays YOUR story in the center panel.

Included in the display is a summary of the events of 9/11 as well as the unity seen in our nation on the ensuing days.

Also included with this item is a beautiful challenge coin rich in symbolism and strength.

Not sure what to write or how to get started? Read some stories shared by others.

3. Share YOUR Story:

Taking time to share YOUR story can inspire others. 

  • - Carry your Challenge Coin and share YOUR story every time you see the coin as a reminder
  •  - Purchase an additional copy of YOUR story to share with children and grandchildren

  • - Tell your friends and family online Share And Bookmark



*Coins of America is an advocate of patriotic initiatives regardless of political positions. It is our goal to make America stronger and ensure that future generations are given the opportunity to make America great. We believe that by remembering and understanding history, the future can be changed for the better.